Seedy Saturday

Seedy Saturday 2015 poster

Seedy Saturday is held annually in Kingston, usually on the second Saturday of March .  It is one of KASSI’s primary contact points with seed growers where we celebrate seeds with a fun community gathering in happy anticipation of the upcoming growing season.

The highlight of the day is always the seed swap table, where selection changes throughout the day as people bring in their treasured open-pollinated seeds to share with others. To participate in the swap, bring your locally-adapted, open-pollinated, genetically-diverse, organically-grown (!) seeds in envelopes or jars that are clearly labeled with the variety name and the date that the plant was grown.

KASSI distributes open-pollinated seeds to anyone who is willing to grow them for seeds and food to share freely with others

There are presentations throughout the day about saving seeds and building a regional sustainable seed system.  It’s a chance to network with other community groups, and to attend workshops on anything from composting to intellectual property rights.  There are also many booths with seed vendors and people selling other interesting products!  

The Kingston Seedy Saturday got its start on Wolfe Island in 2008 and is still going strong.