Become a KASSI Seed Guardian

Gardening is Good for the Soul! Fresh air-fun times outdoors with family and friends- safely at a distance these days of course.  These lettuce plants were grown at Edible Forest Farm, Inverary.  Thank you Michelle and Bob and all of the other KASSI Seed Guardians who helped!

Become a KASSI Seed Guardian and strengthen the Kingston Area Seed System by:

  • Distributing seeds (especially open-pollinated ones) to your neighbours or members of your Community Garden AND/OR
  • Sharing seed saving educational materials provided by KASSI and partners with your neighbours and fellow gardeners AND/OR
  • Growing plants from the open-pollinated seeds in the KASSI Living Seed Commons primarily for their seeds.  You need to have enough space to grow enough plants to preserve the genetic variation in the population with the appropriate isolation distances.  KASSI will provide open-pollinated seeds and coaching. Learn more about about isolation distances and the number of plants you need to preserve the genetic variation for all of the open-pollinated varieties in the KASSI Seed Commons here You can grow these open-pollinated seeds in your front and backyards or on your farm.
  • Help clean and/or pack the open-pollinated Seeds For Sharing in the KASSI Living Seed Commons Seeds
  • Join a KASSI Committee or the KASSI Board of Directors!

Sign up here to be a KASSI Seed Guardian:   

Questions about being a KASSI Seed Guardian? Contact Melanie at