Last year we returned to an in-person Seedy Saturday at St Luke’s Church where the KASSI office is located.  We wanted to start rebuilding in a way that would keep everyone safe and, to be honest, so that we wouldn’t lose rental fees if we had to shut down at the last minute because of public health concerns.  KASSI is a very small non-profit running on a shoestring budget. 

We were thrilled with the results.  One of our goals is to build a community of enthusiastic, confident and skilled seed savers.  We felt that everyone was able to develop closer connections with the magic and wonder of seeds, and with each other at the smaller event. It was empowering and exciting.

This year we plan to keep the beauty and wonder of the seeds front and centre using the same format. 

For this reason we have made the difficult decision to only include vendors and community members and groups who have a direct connection with local seeds in 2024. Please contact if you would like to participate this year.

The new location — Cooke’s-Portsmouth United Church, at 200 Norman Rogers Drive, Kingston (in the Calvin Park neighbourhood), is accessible, and has more space and more parking than last year.

From 10-10:30 there will be words of welcome and we will celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Seed Rematriation.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN US! 

From 10:30-1:45 seeds will be available from the Seed Swap Table and vendors. 

The event will feature the popular seed swap table — so bring your packages of saved seeds, labelled with variety, year harvested, number of seeds in the packet and any other information that could be helpful to other gardeners. We have been asked how many seeds to put in each packet. It might be helpful for you to make that decision based on how many seeds you would like to receive if you wanted to grow them out. Or just go with 20-30? Or more if it’s lettuce 🙂

 Other features include:

  • seeds, information and displays by Ratinenhayénthos and the Kenhteke Seed Sanctuary and Learning Centre from Tyendinaga  and KASSI.  Seeds from both organizations will be available by donation
  • local seed vendors (Bear Root Gardens and Kitchen Table Seed House and others) will have their seeds available for purchase
  • gardening Information and advice from Rideau Thousand Island Master Gardeners and Gardening Kingston
  • informal teaching and learning circles throughout the day-see the KASSI website for the final agenda after March 1, 2024.

1:45 Closing


KASSI (the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative ) is a non-profit organization committed to increasing regional climate resilience by:

  • building a community of confident, enthusiastic and skilled seed savers 
  • growing and sharing locally adapted, non-hybrid/non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds from the KASSI Living Seed Commons
  • supporting the development of a vibrant sustainable network of local ecological growers producing local food and local seed that can be legally grown, saved and shared

Local seed is the foundation of local food systems. The simple act of seed saving is a way to connect with your food and your community.  It is also a major act of resistance and social empowerment. 

The ideal of SEED SOVEREIGNTY firmly plants seed saving and seed stewardship in the realm of fundamental human rights. It is the freedom to save seed and determine the foundation on which our food system rests. With the current attacks of industry hitting at the heart of food sovereignty, the simple act of seed saving becomes a major act of resistance and social empowerment” (The Seed Ambassadors Project 2010)

Our work is made possible by KASSI Seed Guardians We are grateful for their vision and their  willingness to create a more sustainable future.      Join us today!

                             We trust that you find the peace and joy that comes from growing seeds and connecting with the Earth now and always