A Message from Kitchen Table Seed House-March 14, 2020

Cancel everything, because we love each other

That’s a quote from our dear seed farmer friend Petra in the United States. And it’s what we’re focusing on amidst the ongoing cancellations and physical distancing we’re all experiencing.

It was hard to hear about Seedy Saturday events being cancelled all over the province this week. We know how hard seed growers and organizers have worked to prepare for these events, and how valuable they are to community members who look to these Seedy events not only for their seeds, but as the harbinger of spring to come and as chance to connect with other gardeners and see friendly faces.

But as it’s been mentioned, cancelling events is a compassionate act of social solidarity; one that will help not only our health care workers but also our neighbours and ourselves. It can feel frightening, there is a lot of change afoot, and looking out for one another is a great antidote to fear. 

We strongly believe that planting seeds is an act of hope, resistance and resilience. Growing plants, tending a garden and sharing food with neighbours and loved ones can be healing and is just one of the reasons we do this work and share these seeds.

So in place of Kingston Seedy Saturday, we’re offering free seed delivery in Kingston on both Sunday March 22nd and Sunday March 29th for pick-up between 10am-1pm, at the Kingston Memorial Market parking lot. 

If you were hoping to buy seed at the event today, you can go to our website and place your order and enter the promo code ‘ Kingston Memorial Market ‘ to forgo shipping fees and tell us on which date you plan to pick up your order in the notes section. 

The promo code is valid until March 27th at noon, so please share with anyone in Kingston and area you think would appreciate it.

We will continue our work to grow vigorous seed that produce delicious and nutritious plants for you to eat and share.

Thank you all for your support in this work.