Biennials produce seeds in their second year of growth so saving seeds from them can be challenging.

We would be happy if you grow the open-pollinated seeds for these biennial varieties from the KASSI Living Seed Commons for food to eat and share.

Varieties that are available for 2021 include:

Beet: Bull’s Heart:   Striking red-purple leaves are an excellent addition to salads.  Roots have a rich sweet flavour and are tasty and tender when harvested as small (2-3”) roots.  Also delicious when they are larger.  Tolerant of heat and cold.

Kale (Brassica napus):Russian Hunger Gap: Extremely rare,  Very hardy .  AS the name suggest, bolting in the spring is weeks later than other kales, filling the hunger gap of May with excellent tasty greens. 

Rutabaga (Brassica napus): Famille Fortin:  Rare.  Produces large purple roots with yellow flesh that is resistant to disease and insects.  Excellent winter storage.  It was bred by the Fortin family from Cap Saint-Ignace in Quebec.