Meet the Seeds

All of the seeds in the KASSI Living Seed Commons are open-pollinated. This means that they will grow the same as their parents and you can legally save and share their seeds. All of these seeds have been grown locally within 100 km of Kingston so that they will continue to grow and adapt to our local conditions.

We selected varieties that are nutritious and can be eaten all year. For example, we have many different kinds of beans in the KASSI Living Seed Commons because they can often be eaten fresh during the growing season and then saved as dry beans to be eaten in the fall, winter and spring. Varieties that are rare or difficult to find are also an important part of the KASSI Living Seed Commons.

We want you to have these locally-adapted open-pollinated seeds to grow MORE SEEDS and food to share.

Here are the open-pollinated seeds that are available from the KASSI Living Seed Commons this year thanks to the amazing KASSI Seed Guardians who helped to grow, clean and package them! 

You can order and reserve a time to pick them up HERE and make a sliding scale donation HERE

These open-pollinated seeds are available on a sliding scale donation. We don’t sell seeds because we acknowledge and respect that they are living beings. We believe that the price on a seed packet represents the work that goes into growing, harvesting, cleaning and packaging the seeds before they get to you. Local seed companies usually charge a minimum of $3.50 per seed packet for their expertise and the labour that goes into producing high quality local seeds that grow well right here where we live.  We encourage you to support local seed producers-Bear Root Gardens, Verona and Kitchen Table Seed House, Wolfe Island.  

We invite you to donate a minimum of $2.00 for each packet of KASSI open-pollinated seeds that you order HERE.

We are not a seed company. We are a very, very small non-profit working with a shoestring budget especially since the In-Person Seedy Saturdays in 2020 and 2021 –our major fundraisers- were cancelled.  We rely on your donations and our amazing volunteers to help us grow, harvest, clean and package these “Seeds of Hope”. Please follow us on Facebook and           Instagram to learn more about our work.

We are grateful for the support that we receive from so many caring individuals who donate and volunteer their time to save and share these precious locally adapted open-pollinated seeds.