Meet the Seeds

All of the seeds in our Seed Commons are open-pollinated. This means that they will grow the same as their parents and you can save the seeds. All of our seeds have been grown locally within 100 km of Kingston so that they will continue to grow and adapt to our local conditions.

We selected varieties that are nutritious and can be eaten all year. For example, we have a lot of different varieties of dry beans in our Seed Commons because they can often be eaten fresh during the growing season and then saved as dry beans to be eaten in the fall, winter and spring. Squash is another important variety in our collection because it stores well and can also be eaten for many months in the year. We also decided to include varieties that are rare or difficult to find.

Every seed has a story and connects us to our past and our future. We have tried to include these stories in the variety descriptions below.

Our seeds are available at Seedy Saturday in Kingston (usually the second Saturday in March) and at other events in our region.

Dry Beans