kassi-logo-seed-guardian-1Seeds Grow Food, a project of the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI), depends on volunteer Seed Guardians to achieve its objectives.

Some Seed Guardians foster heirloom species by growing them out, sharing their seed, and keeping them alive for our next generations. Other Seed Guardians are angels, emissaries who spread the word, or offer seed a safe haven in earthy loam. Still others may be reservists, waiting on the sidelines for special days when they are needed in force.

Seed Guardians can look like:

  • Musicians, actors, or writers who entertain at a fund-raiser, or perform educational skits.
  • Backyard gardeners who grow heirloom varieties and share their seeds with others.
  • Eaters who purposely seek out and buy from those farmers who save seeds.
  • A disabled person who has a yard but not the physical ability to grow a garden, and yet makes his or her plot available for volunteers to cultivate.
  • Camp counsellors who plant a garden with kids.
  • Elders who share traditional ways of conserving a living legacy.
  • Farmers with a great idea for working collectively to expand their ability to grow seed in bulk.
  • People whose faith traditions encourage reverence for life.
  • A charming host or hostess who sponsors a cocktail party to help raise funds for our projects.
  • Parents who teach their children that soil is a living thing — teeming with organisms that know what to do, if only we’d let them.
  • Members of gardening teams that tend the Kingston Area Seed System (KASSI) seed plots.
  • Volunteers who learn seed-saving techniques and become trainers.
  • Book-keepers who know their way around a ledger.
  • Master gardeners who want to think outside the commercial seed packet and engage with the full life cycle of open-pollinated, genetically-diverse plants.
  • Lecturers with a solid foundation in seed-related issues.
  • Web designers and social media communication specialists.
  • Secretaries who can take darn good minutes.
  • People who love to get their hands ‘soiled’.

Anyone can be a Seed Guardian. And for many good reasons. Tell us about your talent and interests, and we’ll give you volunteering options. Or, bring your own ideas and make good things happen with our expertise and support.

Time commitment varies according to job. Whenever possible, we try to create teams so that you can make new friends while you save the world.

To enlist, subscribe here on our website or contact us at info@seedsgrowfood.org.

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PS: There’s no uniform. But you may sprout a pair of wings.