Adopt an Heirloom Variety

What is happening? The Kingston and Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI) and Ratinenhayen:thos  will be the future stewards of the Heirloom Seed Sanctuary Collection. KASSI is  dedicated to building a regional seed system with seeds that can be saved and freely shared to preserve local regionally adapted seeds for future generations.

Why is it important? The Heirloom Seed Collection has been a remarkable source of regionally adapted seeds for the past twenty years.  Maintaining this living collection of seeds will be a valuable contribution to our regional food security.

What can you do? KASSI needs your help to keep the Heirloom Seed Collection alive and thriving! You can support KASSI’s work by  “Adopting an Heirloom Plant Variety” You can fully adopt an heirloom plant variety for $250. KASSI welcomes any amount that you can contribute to support this vital work to ensure our food security.  View the Variety book below using buttons at the bottom of the title page, and then head to the





KASSI Heirloom Variety book