We want you to have the locally-adapted open-pollinated seeds from the KASSI Living Commons if you agree to grow them for food and seeds to save and share with others!

We don’t sell our seeds because we acknowledge and respect that they are living beings. 

We believe that the price on a seed packet represents the work that goes into growing, harvesting, cleaning and packaging the seeds before they get to you! 

Local seed companies usually request a minimum of $3.50 per seed packet for their expertise and labour that goes into producing high quality local seeds that grow well right here where we live.  We encourage you to support them! 

We are a very, very small non-profit working with a shoestring budget especially since Seedy Saturday –our major fundraiser- was cancelled.  We rely on your donations and our amazing volunteers to help us grow, harvest, clean and package these seeds of hope.

Our seeds are available on a sliding scale donation.  These donations help us to ensure seed and food  sovereignty in our region.  

The Donate button will take you to the Pay Pal site where you can make your donation safely!

  1. After you log in, select  Send & Request on the top banner. 
  2. Enter our email address and click Next
  3. Add the amount you wish to donate  and click Continue      
  4. Select Sending to a Friend (as a donation, this is ‘friend to friend’, rather than ‘an item or service’)
  5. Select your method of payment  and click Next
  6. Select Send Money Now

Thank you!