KASSI Committees

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: We research and create educational materials to help everyone learn more about seeds and seed saving.  We facilitate workshops and share what we learn on our website and social media and at other events!

FARM COMMITTEE: We need to find farmers and market gardeners interested in testing seeds from the KASSI Living Seed Commons or growing out locally adapted, open-pollinated seed in bulk.  Volunteers who are well connected with farmers and market gardeners would be most welcome on this committee!

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: We look for opportunities to raise money so that we can hire the permanent staff that is desperately needed to support the work of the KASSI Board and KASSI Committees

GARDEN COMMITTEE:  Interested in hands-on work?  We need backyard and community garden volunteers to grow out locally adapted open-pollinated seeds and help other community gardeners learn about seed saving. Grow something special!

OUTREACH COMMITTEE: We promote KASSI‚Äôs work at public events in order to get people thinking about seed sovereignty.  We also organize and participate in work bees to help clean and package these beautiful locally adapted open-pollinated seeds!